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LCEF Outreach Event Grant

About the Grant

The Lutheran Church Extension Fund is a nonprofit ministry of the Church; therefore, fiscal year end operating results are put right back into mission and ministry. LCEF is blessed by strong investors and faithful borrowers. It's a partnership that's working, thus we have these grant funds available to our Iowa District East - Lutheran Church Missouri Synod organizations.

There is one LCEF Outreach Event Grant available to an Iowa District East LCMS organization in the amount of $1,000.


All member Iowa District East - LCMS organizations are eligible. To be considered for a grant, the organization must:

  1. Conduct a specific outreach/evangelism event designed to reach those who do not know Christ within one year of receipt of this grant.
  2. Reflect the goals of the LCEF mission statement (visit
  3. Provide photos and a written summary of the outreach event funded by this grant to (within one year of receipt of grant) for promotional purposes. Previous winners who have not submitted feedback will not be considered for this year's award.

Entry Information

This completed application must be accompanied by a typed one page* description of your organization's specific outreach event. This narrative should describe the Outreach Event, goals and provide reasons why your organization should be selected as an LCEF Outreach Grant recipient. (When applying online, you will be asked to upload your narrative in a PDF or Microsoft Word format.)

*Please note, narratives of more than one page in length will not be considered.


Completed applications must be received by Jan. 31, 2018.


Entries will be evaluated by a panel of LCEF staff and volunteers.


Consider inclusion of diverse populations, clearly identify responsibilities, time lines, follow up steps and financial feasibility if grant is received.


Contact Lutheran Church Extension Fund - Iowa District East

Vice President Carole White

Watch our newsfeed and like our Facebook page for the grant recipient announcement in the spring.

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