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NWD LCEF $1,000 Scholarship (2 of 3) Announced

Congratulations Kelsey Kronholm, the second recipient of three $1,000 LCEF scholarships this spring in the North Wisconsin District. Kronholm is an active member of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Wis. Rapids, Wis. and a senior at Lincoln High School. Next fall, she plans on attending Concordia University – St. Paul to major in elementary education. “As a teacher at a Lutheran elementary grade school, I will be able to help build my students’ spiritual foundation. This role certainly fulfills the Lutheran Church Extension Fund’s goal of “wanting more people to hear and believe…. And grow in the Word, and join together in God’s saving grace’,” wrote Kronholm in her scholarship application. 

“The Lutheran Church Extension Fund’s mission that inspires me the most is the emphasis of discipleship. As disciples of God, we are commanded in Mark 16:15 to “go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”  An organization like LCEF enables Christians to share the amazing news of our savior. As I continue my faith journey, LCEF can provide me the tools and resources needed to be a servant of Christ,” wrote Kronholm.

Ms. Jodi Lubeck, St. Luke’s Youth and Family Ministry Assistant shared her experiences with Kronholm, “Kelsey has a way of making you want to be a better person.  She brings out the best in others and always has an encouraging word on her lips. Kelsey has been an amazing role model for the youth of our congregation.  In a day and age when most youth can’t find time in their schedules to stay connected to their faith, Kelsey has.  Despite her demanding, rigorous course schedule and involvement in multiple sports and organizations, she still remains active in church and youth group.  Whether serving on a mission trip, sleeping in a cardboard box to raise money for the homeless, leading a worship song, acting in a drama skit, or a countless number of other ways in which Kelsey has served, her example has not gone unnoticed.

But it is much more than just Kelsey’s involvement that makes her stand out.  She has a heart for people.  I watched her sit next to an elderly gentlemen and light up his world with her presence and attentiveness.  I witnessed her walk into a classroom and make the one child no one seemed to notice feel like he was the only one in the room.  I heard her open her heart and speak words of wisdom and encouragement to other youth that impacted them in ways she will never know.  Wherever Kelsey goes, she leaves an imprint.  She is like a rare gem in a diamond field that sparkles above the rest.

Kelsey is confident, yet humble; capable, yet teachable; focused, yet filled with passion.  She can step in, in a moment’s notice, and lead youth group in my absence, due to all her training and innate leadership qualities.  She epitomizes the natural born leader.  There isn’t anything Kelsey can’t do and anywhere she can’t go.  And in the process, she’ll impact and influence many, many more lives.”

In a second letter of recommendation for Kronholm, Ms. Keri Siekert, Lincoln High School teacher and swim coach wrote, “[Kelsey] has been extremely involved in school activities, particular activities that serve other people.… including playing with the praise band at church, serving at the neighborhood table, assisting as a junior counselor at camp, [and] assisting at the Courage retreat…. Many young people her age are self-absorbed. Not Kelsey! … She is a caring, happy, young lady who is able to relate to people of all ages… [she has] qualities of initiative, kindness, humility, responsibility, faith and her hardworking nature which are the foundation for her being. Many young people look for short cuts to success but not Kelsey. She has taken the most challenging classes that Lincoln has to offer and has risen to the top in each and every one.”

LCEF is blessed to provide annual scholarships to our outstanding LCMS students throughout the upper Midwest districts of Iowa East, Iowa West, Minnesota North, Minnesota South, North Dakota, North Wisconsin and South Wisconsin. The online scholarship application is posted online in September. Watch our local newsfeed and Facebook page for more 2014 scholarship winners to be announced this spring.