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Paige Licht Awarded 2015 Iowa Districts LCEF Scholarship!

Congratulations Paige Licht, the 2015 Iowa Districts East and West Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) $1,000 Scholarship award winner. Paige is a member of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Carroll, Iowa, a senior at Carroll High School, and the daughter of Rev. Brian and Lynette Licht.

In his letter of recommendation for Paige, Carroll High School Teacher William Polking wrote this about Paige:

“She is as strong of a student as her transcript indicates (one of the deepest analytical thinkers I have encountered in my twenty plus years [of teaching]), and she is a better person than she is a student. 

Paige has always had a strong sense of who she is and what she believes in, and she has always led her life, both in and out of school, in accordance with that. I will go so far as to say this (and it may sound like hyperbole, but it is the gospel truth): Carroll High School is a better place because of Paige Licht, and I am a better person for having known Paige Licht. And I imagine I am by no means the only person in her life for whom this statement is true.

My college German reminds me that “Licht” means “light,” and I cannot think of a more appropriate surname for Paige. She spreads light wherever she goes.…”

LCEF is blessed to have the funds available to support our youth as they pursue post-secondary education. It is our prayer that they are equipped to become strong, Christian leaders as adults. In a letter of recommendation, Deaconess Elizabeth Watson, Director of Family Life and Youth at St. Paul, wrote this about Paige:

“Paige has proven herself many times to be a strong leader, a positive example, and a hard worker. She currently serves as a peer mentor to our eighth graders and not only helps them learn, but exemplifies what it means to live and defend the Christian faith in difficult cultural and educational settings. The younger students truly look up to her. She also provides keen insight into the mind and life of teenagers, which is very helpful to those of us whose teenage years are in the distant past.

… I have no doubt that she will continue to serve Christ by serving others for the rest of her life. She is poised to become a strong Christian leader at her college, in her community, and in her church.”

In her application essay, Paige wrote the following:

“'Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce.' Proverbs 3:9. The Lutheran Church Extension Fund provides members of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod the opportunity to do as this bible verse teaches. In doing so, LCEF is not only changing the lives of the church workers, congregations, schools, organizations, and businesses it supports, but also the lives of its investors. LCEF allows investors to honor the Lord by giving them the opportunity to be a part of supporting the earthly Church with their wealth.

Being a Christian in this world -- much less a Christian organization, business, school, or church -- is not an easy task. It would be nice to think that our faith and love alone could make the Christian ministry flourish here on earth, but that’s simply not possible. Monetary support is necessary, and it is wonderful that LCEF can bless LCMS ministries and church workers with that kind of support.

…Not only can I invest, but I have also experienced the helping hand of LCEF firsthand. During my church’s trip to the National Youth Gathering, we were given the opportunity to use an LCEF account to give us easier access to money, making the trip so much smoother for our group. LCEF supports its investors and provides us opportunities to grow in our faith.” 

Additional LCEF scholarship winners from around the upper Midwest districts will be announced yet this spring. These $1,000 scholarships are awarded to Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) students in Iowa East & West Districts, North Dakota District, and North and South Wisconsin Districts. Subscribe to LCEF’s upper Midwest districts’ newsfeed or follow our Facebook page for future announcements!