Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is a unique ministry-through-investment organization that offers Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod members the opportunity to invest their money, earn interest, and help build LCMS churches and schools at the same time.

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First of Several 2015 Scholarships Announced!

Ethan Hunt, the first of several 2015 LCEF scholarships awarded in the upper Midwest districts. Ethan is a member of Lord of Glory Lutheran Church, Elk River, Minn.

Ethan Hunt, the first of several 2015 LCEF scholarships awarded in the upper Midwest districts. Ethan is a member of Lord of Glory Lutheran Church, Elk River, Minn.

Congratulations Ethan Hunt! Ethan is the recipient of the 2015 Minnesota North (MNN) District Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) $1,000 Scholarship.

Ethan is an active member of Lord of Glory Lutheran Church, Elk River, Minnesota and is currently attending the University of Northwestern - St. Paul studying math education with a minor in Bible. 

In a letter of recommendation, Lord of Glory Rev. Marty Mably wrote, “I was able to get to know Ethan through the High School Youth Group and his volunteer work at church, especially as sound engineer for our blended worship service.... He is incredibly dependable and easy to work with as a volunteer, always looking for ways to improve.… Ethan is a young man that is both extremely intelligent and faithful in his worship attendance. His strong moral character is always evident…. Ethan is strong and growing in his faith.”

In a second letter of recommendation for Ethan, Mathematics Professor Vaughn Ekbom wrote, “...Ethan has enormous professional promise. He is a man of integrity who has the strong ability to bring a challenging project to its completion in an extraordinary fashion. All responsibilities are met with enthusiasm. No challenge is too great.”

“In his LCEF scholarship essay, Ethan expressed a good understanding of LCEF’s unique mission in serving the Church,” said MNN District LCEF Vice President George Miller. Ethan wrote the following: 

“Lutheran Church Extension Fund has a wonderful mission in which the primary goal is not to be accomplished on its own, but in tandem with the Church. Some organizations focus mainly on what they can do by themselves, and this is not a biblical way of accomplishing the mission Christ has called us to do. We are called to all be One Church under Christ, working together for the common goal of sharing the Gospel with those who do not know Him. [LCEF] strives for that by partnering with the Church and not ignorantly trying to make a difference on their own. While the immediate benefits of offering loans with reasonable rates to individuals and congregations belong to the borrowers, the LCEF also receives benefits in the long run by being able to help support and provide for Lutheran Churches in the Missouri Synod. As a result, the lives that are being affected by the LCEF are not only those that can borrow at affordable rates, but everyone who is involved with the Synod. When loans are paid off, the money associated with the interest rates can be used to improve churches and better the communities around those churches.”

Six additional upper Midwest districts will announce their LCEF scholarship awards in the next few weeks. Subscribe to our newsfeed or follow our Facebook page to learn who wins from the districts of Minnesota South, Iowa East & West, North Dakota, North Wisconsin and South Wisconsin.