Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is a unique ministry-through-investment organization that offers Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod members the opportunity to invest their money, earn interest, and help build LCMS churches and schools at the same time.

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VisionPath Experienced

>If your ministry did not exist, should it be started?
>What is the most important thing you would want the community to know about your ministry?
>What is the greatest opportunity facing your congregation today?
>What is the greatest point of connection between us and our community?

VisionPath is a one-time, half day event at your Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) church or school. Your leadership and members will be guided by a trained Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) facilitator. Your members will focus on questions such as those above. 

St. John High Steeple, Edgar, Wisconsin hosted the VisionPath experience on April 11, 2015. Approximately 25 people attended the Saturday session at this small, rural congregation. “The VisionPath experience at St. John was very rewarding,” said facilitator Rev. Max Biesenthal, LCEF Sr. Vice President/Ministry Support. “This is a fun group of folk more desirous of engagement with their community than one would expect, given their remote location.” St. John High Steeple is located a few miles west of the small community of Edgar, WI with a population just under 1,500. The community of Edgar is about a 15 minute drive west of Wausau, Wisconsin.

Biesenthal summarized the St. John experience, “There is a lot of energy around caring for people, whether that’s daycare for kids or adult care for those in need.  ‘Caring’ became the operative word throughout the VisionPath event.  At one point, I stood at a white board and wrote down the ‘care’ ministries they are currently undertaking and I couldn’t write fast enough. They are already doing much.  

The problem is, as with most congregations, a few people are engaged in activities that no one else knows about. There are small pockets of caring activities without ownership by the entire congregation. VisionPath will allow members to leverage what they’re already doing, determine which activities to continue or cease, and will connect all their caring activities under one umbrella. This will allow them to celebrate what God is doing in their midst.”

LCEF Ministry Support is committed to providing a personalized approach for your specific needs. Call LCEF at 800-843-5233 for more information.