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Anklam Wins Scholarship!

Congratulations Hannah Anklam, the second of four 2015 North Wisconsin District (NWD) Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) $1,000 Scholarship award winners. Hannah is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Wausau, Wisconsin and a graduating high school senior at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School, Mosinee, Wisconsin. Hannah will attend the University of Wisconsin - OshKosh in the fall.

In her letter of recommendation for Hannah, her Teacher and Yearbook Advisor Alissa Davies wrote:

“Hannah has been a leader throughout her years at The Valley. Three years ago she took the initiative to co-found a chapel praise team called ‘Praise, Blessings, and Joy’ and has been the manager of this active student group ever since. 

… She is serving as [yearbook] co-editor, where she will use her leadership skills as we transition to an online design program that brings new challenges to the process. Her ability to step up as a leader in group projects in the classroom, National Honor Society, yearbook, and praise team will serve her well in college and beyond. 

Another thing that stands out about Hannah is her desire for academic excellence, as demonstrated by her score of 32 on the ACT and qualification as a National Merit Scholar finalist, which means that she scored in the top 15,000 students in the entire country. She has also maintained a stellar GPA at Wisconsin Valley, where we have rigorous academic standards. 

While academics and leadership are important to her, the trait that most impacts others is her servant-heart. Hannah's Christian faith influences everything she does, from acting as a Junior Counselor at summer camps for youth to helping underprivileged students in the Dominican Republic .... This desire to serve continues to guide her toward a career where she can help struggling people, be it in the medical field or emotionally.”

In his letter of recommendation for Hannah, Rev. Joel Brandt wrote:

“Hannah as a regular participant in our congregation's youth group, an involved student in her high school's sports programs and extracurricular activities, a faithful worshipper in our congregation, a leader in our congregation's music ministry, and a Sunday School teacher in our children's ministries.

Regardless of whether Hannah is working at her job, helping a friend, or serving in her church; her spirit displays a strong sense of passion and excitement. She works well with others in a cooperative setting. She accomplishes this by valuing the contributions of others, and in doing so, helps to bring people together to accomplish a shared goal. Hannah thrives in a team environment. In this way, she bears a commitment to others that is evidenced by her openness and approach-ability. She forms deep and lasting connections with others; and it is her love for both her Lord and others that guides her in a life of faithfulness and authenticity.”

LCEF is blessed to have the funds available to support our youth as they pursue post-secondary education. It is our prayer that they are equipped to become strong, Christian leaders as adults. 

Hannah and her parents support ministries at home and abroad with their own personal LCEF investments. In her scholarship application, Hannah wrote the following:

“So many lives have been changed by [LCEF], including mine.  All thirteen years of my education have been administered through LCEF-affiliated schools.  This Christian education has benefited me both academically and spiritually.  Also, LCEF offers resources for my age group as I, along with many other high-school seniors, seek help with managing money during college. …By equipping Christians with the financial tools they need, LCEF has laid the groundwork for a future filled with fiscally-responsible and morally-driven Christians.”

There will be two additional 2015 NWD District LCEF scholarship winners announced yet this spring, as well as $1,000 scholarships awarded to Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) students in the Minnesota South District. Subscribe to LCEF’s upper Midwest districts’ newsfeed or follow our Facebook page for future announcements.