Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is a unique ministry-through-investment organization that offers Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod members the opportunity to invest their money, earn interest, and help build LCMS churches and schools at the same time.

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Dobratz Awarded 2015 LCEF Scholarship!

Congratulations Logan Dobratz! A member of Messiah Lutheran Church, Lakeville, Minnesota, Logan is the third of four 2015 Minnesota South (MNS) District Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) $1,000 Scholarship award winners. Logan will graduate from Lakeville North High School on June 4, 2015. In the fall, she will attend Marquette University (MU), Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she plans to study education and become a teacher. The daughter of Randy and Jodi Dobratz, Logan also plans to play lacrosse for MU. 

“We all know it isn't easy being a teen these days, with constant pressures and negative influences. It is reassuring to see God inspired "Lights" like the Logan Dobratz's of the world,” wrote Central Middle School Dean of Students and Messiah Lutheran Senior High Youth Leader Jason Bakke in his letter of recommendation for Logan. 

“She builds positive relationships with students, teachers, coaches and advisors. Logan has shown great leadership by developing the CMS Breakfast Club, a Christian-based faith club. As a sixth grade student, she met with me and described a vision of bringing faith into a public school system. Five years later, we have over 75 students actively participating. Her passion to make Christ known didn't stop there. She continues to be an active participant at church and in high school. She has a spark in her eyes when she speaks locally or abroad about her love for Jesus Christ. Whether she is washing a complete stranger's feet or playing soccer with little kids, Logan is doing her part of the Great Commission” 

LCEF is blessed to have funds available to support our youth as they pursue post-secondary education. It is our prayer that these students are equipped to become strong, Christian leaders as adults. In her scholarship application essay, Logan wrote, 

“LCEF blesses and changes so many lives. For example, church members can invest in an organization that is Christ-centered and earn a fair rate of return; churches and schools can borrow funds at a more favorable rate for building projects; and church workers can secure housing and consolidation loans to help pay off school debt. I appreciate that all of these efforts by LCEF focuses on glorifying God and growing His kingdom.

By providing this funding for projects, my congregation, Messiah Lutheran Church, has been richly blessed and helped by LCEF. Currently, we underwent construction to help with a water mitigation problem in our church walls. The funding provided by LCEF allowed our church to finance this project, complete it in a timely manner, and continue with worship services, Bible study, and Sunday school—with scaffolding and all! Keeping our buildings in good working condition has allowed our pastors and teachers to continue to preach the Word of God and provide a place where people can come to know Christ and grow in their faith for years to come.”

There will be one final 2015 MNS District LCEF scholarship winner announced this spring, as well as $1,000 scholarships awarded to two more Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) students from the North Wisconsin District. To view all twelve 2015 upper Midwest districts LCEF scholarship awards, visit our newsfeed or follow our Facebook page. To learn more about the LCEF ministry of providing loans, investments and support, visit our national website