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Dickinson Final 2015 LCEF Scholarship Winner!

Congratulations Katrina Dickinson, the fourth and final 2015 North Wisconsin District (NWD) Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) $1,000 Scholarship award winner. There were a total of twelve $1,000 LCEF scholarships awarded in the upper Midwest districts this year. 

A member of Christ Lutheran Church, Wausau, Wisconsin, Katrina will be a junior at Concordia University – St. Paul (CSP) this fall. She is preparing to be a Lutheran school teacher majoring in education, minoring in Confessional Lutheranism and is seeking licensure for early childhood through third grade.

In her scholarship application, Katrina wrote the following:

“... [LCEF’s] mission and services stand out to me in that they work to help both present and future Lutheran partners while at the same time furthering the work of Christ. This in itself is a most important goal as it answers to Matthew 28:19: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”  I can be a partner in ministry with LCEF by investing my own financial gifts and by borrowing from them with the comfort of knowing they are a Christ focused ministry. I can give, volunteer and share their ministry and above all, pray for them as they endeavor to be the hands and feet of Christ.                  

Lutheran Church Extension Fund possesses a mission that is central to its core beliefs in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all in a unique but important way.  First and foremost is the work of Christ, and LCEF strives to act on that while simultaneously providing resources for fellow believers and organizations to do so. Without them, many might be struggling or even at a loss as to how to go about fully completing the work of Christ. LCEF makes this and more possible. They become part of something bigger, part of God’s greater plan with each life they touch. The security and help they provide eases burdens and worries and gives life to those following God’s will. 

To be an organization that exists “for the sole purpose of empowering ministries in Kingdom work,” is such an amazing gift that can change the lives of so many. I too have been working to further God’s kingdom through the gifts he has given me, particularly in working with my love of young children. I am pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education at Concordia St. Paul as a Lutheran Classroom Teacher, in order that I may aid in planting the seed of faith in the children that enter my classroom. By doing this, I too, answer to the call of Matthew 28:19 as Christ uses me to equip future generations.”

LCEF is blessed to have the funds available to support our youth as they pursue post-secondary education. It is our prayer that they are equipped to become strong, Christian leaders as adults.

In his letter of recommendation for Katrina, Trinity Lutheran Director of Christian Education (DCE) Rick Stengl wrote:

“… [Katrina] was actively involved in our youth group. She was always quick to volunteer to help at many of our fundraisers or community events. 
Most notably, in 2012, Katrina attended a servant event in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. Two weeks were spent doing construction, painting, cleaning, and the extreme digging of septic sites (mostly with hand tools). A huge difference was made in the lives of people and as a result she left with a deep connection to her Savior’s servant sacrifice …. Katrina is an excellent example to those around her and always putting others before herself.”

In her letter of recommendation for Katrina, CSP Professor of Theology & Interdisciplinary Studies Rhoda Schuler, Th.D. wrote the following:

“Not only did she excel academically but Katrina was also willing to use her academic gifts to help others succeed in the class. She exemplifies the kind of student we love to have at Concordia. 

… In addition to her fine academic work, Katrina sings in the Gospel Choir at Concordia, led a Bible study for freshman women last semester, and has volunteered with Concordia's PLUS Time program. This after-school program for kindergarten through fifth grade serves students of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. Most of the students in the program are of lower socioeconomic status, making this program one of Concordia's most meaningful opportunities for service to the world. 

I highly recommend Katrina for the LCEF scholarship. Even with the tuition re-set at Concordia, those of us teaching future church workers worry about the debt-load that students have when they graduate. We know they will not earn as much as many of their peers who will work in business or the public sector. Out of joy for what Jesus has done for them on the cross, these students have chosen to serve in the Church. It is our hope that they can do so without the heavy burden of student loans for years after graduation.”

There was a total of twelve $1,000 scholarships awarded to Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) students in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin this year. Subscribe to LCEF’s upper Midwest districts’ newsfeed or follow our Facebook page for timely, local information. Applications for the new school year are posted in September. Applications are accepted through the end of February and awarded in the spring.

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