Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is a unique ministry-through-investment organization that offers Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod members the opportunity to invest their money, earn interest, and help build LCMS churches and schools at the same time.

LCEF - Central Region serves Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod organizations and members in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Learn more about LCEF at


Thank You LCMS Admin. Assistants!


Special thanks to all of our LCMS Administrative Assistants who share their talents for the kingdom as our congregations get rolling with the new school year this month. We could NOT do ministry without you! Recognizing (left to right) Kayla of Zion, Dennison & Lavone of Zion, Atlantic who brought home LCEF gifts from the annual Iowa District West Administrative Assistants Conference in Fort Dodge, IA on Sept. 20, 2013. We appreciate you ladies!

Investor Spotlight Shines on Student Athlete


Faithful investors come in all ages

“The main reason I invest with LCEF is because it allows me to combine my passions of finance and faith all into one. I trust that my investment is in good, honest hands. It gives me a feeling of security knowing that my assets, that are a blessing from God, aren’t too far from Him,” said Drake University student athlete Sarah Madden.

Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) celebrates the wide variety of people who faithfully invest to embrace Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) ministries and help expand God’s kingdom. September 2013 LCEF Investor Spotlight shines on Drake University student athlete Sarah Madden. Madden will graduate this December with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, Finance and Marketing.

Madden interned this summer at Merrill Lynch in the wealth management division and is now in her last volleyball season for Drake. When asked about her experiences as a student athlete, Madden said, “By no means is being a collegiate athlete an easy road; however, it has without a doubt proven to be the most rewarding. Through early morning workouts, three-a-day practices and endless hours of travel I have formed lifelong friendships. The camaraderie experienced amongst my team has been instrumental in shaping who I am. That, I would not give up for anything.  Relationships aside, my experience as a collegiate athlete has developed a transferrable skill set that will allow me to be successful off the court. Upon graduating in December, I plan to harness leadership, time management, and a strong work ethic into what I hope to be a prosperous career in the business industry."

Who was the biggest influencer on your faith?
“Without a doubt my mother has been the biggest influence in my faith. The topic of religion and our faith was never a foreign topic in our house growing up. Even when I would lose sports equipment before a game my mother would always stop me and say, ‘Do not panic, let’s pray about it.’ Sure enough, before game time everything was always found.”

“Still to this day my mother has continued to be the cornerstone of my faith. Although I am not under the same roof anymore, my mother hasn’t stopped bringing me closer to God. Whether it is a home game in Des Moines, Iowa or away in Evansville, Indiana my mother and I pray before every game.”

Share what you remember about the K.I.D.S. stamp program.
“I will never forget going to Faith Lutheran Church in Adel, Iowa growing up and being so excited to fill out my stamp chart at Sunday school. As a young kid, The K.I.D.S. stamp program made going to church and Sunday School something to look forward to each week.”

Something as simple as having a Youth Investor (Y.I.) Club stamp program at your church or school, can be the beginning of a life-long commitment of faith and stewardship. In Iowa, contact Ruth Gerken ( or visit for more information.


LCEF investor and Drake student athlete Sarah Madden (center) with her parents, Barry and Sally Madden.

LCEF investor and Drake student athlete Sarah Madden (center) with her parents, Barry and Sally Madden.